Saturday, July 21, 2012

I really love this little handbag from Amy and her book "Bend The Rules Sewing".  This has been the go to project for the last minute gift , several times , which I really like to make handmade whenever possible.   It really is an easy sew, truly, I promise.  I did make a  couple of changes this time , I made it larger and I added a magnetic closure. I was thinking of a zipper and I just might do that to the next one.  Also, I picked up a light blue velvet ribbon , but in the end went with the richer burgundy color, again.  The fabric is from Amy Butler, gorgeous stuff I tell you.

Well, Lydia has claimed the purse!  So in order to try and get it from her grasp I have negotiated a trade. 

This messenger bag is adorable, is it not?  I think it will do the trick. Especially in this gorgeous fabric. You can purchase a pattern of this bag from this etsy shop, if your interested.  The directions are clear and it is an easy sew even for a beginner. I am not receiving any compensation for the recommendations, just sharing;-)

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