Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello there! How hot is it in your neck of the woods!? Well, here in New England we are enjoying ( I use that term loosely) record high 90's. One thing I have learned is that when sweatin'weather comes around, you lay low. This is not the  time to clean the house, let the dust bunnies rule I say! This is not the time to put the oven on and cook gourmet meals. This is not the time to get zealous in the garden--hello weeds!

 What it is time for:

:: Have pool, will be most popular friend around--your invited!
:: Watch dogs pant and enjoy getting sprayed from huge water soakers.
:: Tell kids, yes , you can swim again. Did you even get out of the pool? Check fingers for grape-like appearance.
:: Sit in lounge chair all day and gaze at the glorious sky and thank God for all your blessings.
::  Swim.
::  Swim.
::  I said swim , right?
:: Resolve that cooking is not gonna happen and happily enjoy finger foods. Call it a party!
:: Tell husband more than a few times to cease yard work and relax!
:: Enjoy all the smiles and giggles from those little kiddo's.
:: Kids who have moved out now come for swimming and have Mum watch their dogs...hmmm. Um... I did mention the lounge chair is where I will be all day, didn't I?
:: Enjoy smiles and giggles from big kids.
:: I did say thank God for all His blessings, right? Cause there is a whole lot to be thankful for, even in 90 degree heat.


  1. That sounds like a lovely day, heat and all! Swimming pools/holes and iced tea are the best for a hot summer day. A comfy place in the shade is a must. Oh yeah, and sunscreen if you're as fair as is my cave dwelling family!

    Enjoy every minute,

  2. I agree, it's time for kiddo, swimmin', doggies. Cooking and cleaning can wait. I love your sweet blog.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Your doggies look cute:-) ,lovely kid in the pool and all the snaps are beautifully taken. We too were in New England for some time. But couldn't experience summer. We were in the early spring. Enjoy your day:-)



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