O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

Sunday, February 1, 2015


I am just a tad bit scared to put this out there, but, we just took down the Christmas tree. Truth, right hand on the Bible-it just got packed away this afternoon. I am still trying to figure out how it went this far. Well I kinda know, but .....then this has never happened before. Guess I am going to share my thoughts in hopes someone who reads this will tell me this has happened to them, that I am not a terrible homemaker, and that next year things will be better. 

You see, in December we had three major house mishaps. Not the kind of repairs that only cost a hundred dollars , but these were in the thousands. So, not a whole lot of cash for Christmas. But, we did pull through with the prime rib on the fireplace I am proud to say-fed my entire family quite well. However, my kids knew they wouldn't be getting gifts until Dad's bonus in January. We gifted the extended family, you know, Nana, Aunties, grandchildren, etc. 

Then the tree dilemma. Real or fake? Real was $60+, fake was in the basement already paid for and ready to assemble. I really dislike fake, so just couldn't get into the spirit of it. This led to questions of, "hey it is December 22nd, you think we'll put a tree up"?  So fake it was. 

If your still with me, kudos! Long story short my youngest daughter would not let me take the tree down because she wanted  her presents wrapped under the tree. My husband and I, already feeling guilty about late gifts, relented and the tree just kinda stayed up. Sparkling at night, looking festive. Suddenly, it just seemed to become part of the furniture arrangement. I thought maybe I will just leave it up all year. let visitors make fun of me and be ahead of the game this Christmas.

Nope, my husband had enough. Tree coming down troops!. So today the tree was packed away . I don't think I ever want to see it again. Note to family-if I can't afford a real, live tree next year and it comes down to prime rib or said tree, the tree is going to win. AND I am getting a live tree before Thanksgiving. There will be a decorated tree, shiny and sparkly as a backdrop to the pumpkins and gourds!

I am not feeling very Donna Reedy here. Donna probably never had her tree up til almost February.Then again I am certain Donna didn't have a Christmas like ours this past year. Not a very Tasha Tudor- like Christmas. Yet, leaving the tree up relaxed me, made me a bit happier this dark and stormy January. Maybe the tree was meant to be up later. Perhaps I am not such a bad homemaker.  These things happen and when they do we just have to roll with it. That's what I did, rolled with it. Enough said.  Unless you would like to say something then please go ahead.

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