It's National Apron Day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sorry gals, but no stitching today! Last week was just crazy busy. I didn't stitch a thing, not one dang thing. So, did you know today is National Apron Day? Yes, a day devoted to the beloved apron, a homemakers suit of armor. Do you wear an apron? I do. Every morning I put a pretty apron on to go about my duties.  Is that apron in the above pic adorable or what! There are more aprons at the site Ruby's Farmhouse which are not only darling , but affordable.  And there is more retro homemaking goodies there too. Anyway, in lieu of a stitching post I am just going to jot down my homemaking duties I accomplished today. Personal and not.

Cleaning the cottage:
Bathrooms cleaned
First floor vac'd
Laundry washed, dried, folded and awaiting the drawers it all belongs in

Feeding the family:
Breakfast on the go because of tutoring
Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch
Sausage Fritatta with spring mix salad for dinner

Home schooling:
All assignments done
Reading to Lydia
Music practice-check

Looking ahead:
Defrost chicken 
Make shopping list for Wednesday church supper
Find a chicken recipe to feed a crowd

Joined the Proverbs 31 Study with Courtney
Spent time with Sweet Journey
Bought new planner and Martha Stewart office supplies to get me on track!

Well, friends, what little bits of domesticity did you accomplish today? 

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