Thanksgiving readiness and a bit of decorating

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a busy week! Preparatons galore are underway. Today the fridge got cleaned out. I have a very strange thing about clean fridges' anyway so mine isusually clean and organized, but I made sure all the shelves were wiped down, checked expiration dates and tossed anything just ready to go by or bygone. All in preparation for Thanksgiving. I am making my gourd soup that I serve at Thanksgiving. The recipe is here at Old Sturbridge Village where I fisrt made it and it is delicious! Use beef broth if you make it--much tastier than chicken. And I do double it for the crowd I have coming! I am going to freeze it--yes freeze it , then it will go over the fire to warm up Thanksgiving Day.

{Dundee cakes from last year using Tasah Tudor's receipt }
Dundee cakes are getting a vacation in the freezer. Only a few of us like Dundee cakes so I only make four and two are given away. I have often used Tasha Tudor's receipt form her cookbook, but I have also used thse recipe from my very favorite Christmas book that I bought at Barnes & Noble on a severely reduced table years ago. It is here on Amazon and it is cheap, but so worth it. I can't tell you how many recipes and ideas I have used and still use from this book. Every year it comes out and I look through it again to get inspired. It is also my favorite go to for my plum pudding recipe!

You can do an internet search and find Dundee cakes aplenty! I do like the loaf size best I must say and do cut them when they are still slightly frozen, they are a crumbly cake.

A little tutorial in the way of dried orange slices for my prim tree. I am decorating my dining room tree with homespun ties, orange slices, gingerbread people, cinnamon stick bundles, and a cranberry and popcorn garland. I think it will look fantastic and will share some pics when it is done. These orange slices are just too cute and very old-fashioned! Give your home a bit of that homespun, colonial Christmastide feel with these.
And don't forget to inventory your serving pieces and silverware. Every year I am short a spoon or something! Well, the Thanksgiving menu is cemented, dishes delegated, and the baking and cooking has commenced! Hope your starting too so you can enjoy a stress free season!


  1. Those cakes look so good Suzanne! Will definately check out that book. And I have to read up on how to dry oranges. I tried it once but was unsuccessful. They look so pretty with a sprig of greens in the kitchen window for Christmas.


  2. I have never heard of Dundee cakes but it looks yummy!

    I use my dehydrator to dry oranges and apples slices for the tree. The house smells so good when they are drying!!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Suzanne.
    Warm wishes.

  4. Thanks for the great tips on decorating your prim/ colonial tree. It sounds like it will be wonderful! I hope you post a picture of it when it's all done.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
    Blessings~ Birgit

  5. I LOVE your tree ideas! I have to give 'em a try. I was looking for something new and this is just the ticket! Thanks!

    Thanks for dropping by the Farm today! Alister Sims is my favorite version of the "Christmas Carol", too! I love his wail, don't you??

    I have enjoyed visiting your charming blog tonight! Thanks!



  6. Thanks Matty, the tree looks great and it was super easy and stress free:-)

  7. I also own that book Suzanne! I bought mine a number of years ago - it was also drastically reduced! I have so many Christmas books and if I have time will post some of my favourites. I am enjoying my new 'Better Homes and Gardens Best of Christmas Ideas' book right at the moment. I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Dundee cakes are beautiful but I think we will be having an 'ice cream Christmas pudding' - the same shape as a Christmas pudding just made of ice cream with extra goodies for our hot summer Christmas! I'm putting up my post on decorating the tree later, it seems everyone is ready to trim their trees!

  8. As per your request, I posted a pic (and the recipe) for the banana cake I said I was going to make.


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