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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

 It's time to think about what will go under the tree. Who will be receiving gifts, where will they come from, will they be handmade or store bought. Weighty questions in these tough economic times. Times that are still saturated with a spirit of materialism and consumerism. Could we get away from that mindset and embrace a time when simplicity and thriftiness were the norm? It's all IPods and video games! And lest you think I am against that--I am NOT! What I am saying is could we replace some of our "store bought" items with a gift handmade from our hearts.
What about helping out fellow crafters and artisians and buy their handmade. Etsy is a fabulous place to start if you don't have a crafty bone in your body. Now you could also purchase a few of those fabulous magazines , craft or food related, lining the bookshop shelves OR head on down to your town libary and I can almost guarantee there will be skads of titles for holiday projects. Peruse the internet for the numerous recipes for "gifts in a jar". Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch blog has a wonderful recipe for hot cocoa--pudding in the mix, yum! Put the mix in a nice glass jar, attach a little cellophane bag of marshmellows or peppermints and wrap with a bit of ribbon or a length of tartan flannel wripped to give it an old look with frayed edges and what a nifty gift! You may send me one:-)

But, first things first, of course. Now go back to that lovely little site and download a gift list document if you haven't already. Write each person down and the gift you wish to give them. This is not only family members , but if your a guest for dinner and need a hostess gift and I always have a few "generic" gifts on hand for anyone that drops by unexpectedly. Nothing too expensive, I am fortunate to have a Yankee Candle and Crabtree & Evelyn Outlet near me. I buy a few little things and wrap them with a tag that hasn't been filled in. Then if someone shows up or a last minute engagement crops up I have a gift and can fill in the name.
Now , if you do any catalog shopping like I do you will want to have space to write the confirmation number and shipping info-there is a document for that too. After you make an online purchase always print out the receipt and tuck it into your holiday planner. I can't emphasize how this has simplified my gift giving! You can forget you ordered something you know:-) Ummm....ask me how I know!
Check off the list as you shop or craft and have ONE central location for your gifts. I have an old trunk in my bedroom that is "off limits" to everyone except me.
There really is nothing like giving and receiving a gift that has thought in it, so I hope you will consider the recipient carefully. Hope these ideas help you out a bit this holiday season.
Next...spotlight on a delightful blog that is also prepping us for the holiday season.

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