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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday was typically the day delicious goodies were baked or mixed up, in anticipation of a little company for Sunday dinner and a sweet here and there to tide the family over during the week. During the week a homemaker would have some tasty dessert prepared for after dinner time. My mother remembers enormous 4 layer cakes every Sunday when they had dinner at her Grammie's house. Grammie Pratt was known for her baking capabilities and always had scrumptious desserts after a Sunday dinner of Italian favorites. This is a vintage 1950's recipe I found in an old Betty Crocker Cookbook my Nana had. A little searching around the 'ol internet has found more than a few adaptions invented. These are just the cutest little desserts ever! Wouldn't they be perfect for Easter time ? It seems alot of recipes of this era 7-Up and Cola were all the rage in desserts. I have adapted this one to be a bit more healthy than some of the ingredients called for in the original, but gals a little cool whip and marshmallows won't kill us once in awhile now will it. The original had a tad too much sugar so these are toned done alot! Can't you just picture Donna serving these up to the ladies at one of her little committe meetings!
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  1. This is a hoot!
    I watched the show on TVLand as well. The DR theme song was on our answering machine when we first married--nice to hear it again!
    My favorite cookbook is the 1957 Betty Crocker cookbook given to my Mom and passed down to me--looking forward to more recipes! Susan

  2. Susan,that is a treasure of a cookbook honey! I hope you whip up some recipes and share the results:-)

  3. Great idea, good luck with the new blog Suzanne, you'll have a big audience out there. We watched loads of US shows in the UK during the 50s and 60s but not this one I'm afraid. For me Donna Reed will always be Mary (George Bailey's wife) my fave film of all time! All the best, Eli

  4. What a fun new blog, Suzanne. I may just have to pull out my aprons and pearls now....

  5. Absolutely an adorable blog Suzanne. I love it
    From one retro-housewife to another. Thanks for the wonderful recipes and inspiration too.
    Deeny :-)

  6. I have to say I'm not really familiar with Donna Reed, but she sounds like a gal I would have liked to watch. Love the music!


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